KDE Connect Website

View the Website under work here.

Week 3 Overview

First of all sorry for the late overview of week 3. The week had been quite busy with other stuff in life and I was not able to find time to write this blog post till now. Week 3 had only some small work to be done as the project was reaching its final outcome.

The Website can be viewed here.

You can check out my proposal here. The repository that has the KDE Jekyll themed site is here.

I started off by improving the CSS on pages by changing from hard coded values to Bootstrap classes after the opinion from my mentor Carl Schwan. The wordings on the Get-Involved page were also updated with a lot of help from Mr.Philip from KDE Developers Telegram. Thanks a lot to him the get-involved page sounds great now.

All the missings links were also added. Since the week was busy for me, I did some more small works here and there and it got over quick.

While, I am writing this, I have also finished Week 4 and it is great and its the final outcome. Don’t forget to checkout the website. So with that I conclude this post. See you in the next one. “Happy KDEing!!”